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SINCE 1981
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19.73ct. Sapphire, Pear, Purplish-...
# L2118P
Please call for pricing
5.32ct. Sapphire, Cushion, Purpli...
# L2147P
Please call for pricing
5.04ct. Sapphire, Cushion, Purpli...
# L2717P
Please call for pricing
5.02ct. Sapphire, Cushion, Purpli...
# L1199P
Please call for pricing
4.03ct. Sapphire, Cushion, Violet...
# G9858V
Please call for pricing
3.16ct. Sapphire, Cushion, Purpli...
# L1794P
Please call for pricing
3.10ct. Sapphire, Heart, Purplish...
# C1209P
Please call for pricing
2.76ct. Sapphire, Cushion, Purpli...
# L1365P
Please call for pricing
2.59ct. Sapphire, Round, Purplish...
# J5597P
Please call for pricing
1.69ct. Sapphire, Cushion, Purple
# G5899P
Please call for pricing
1.06ct. Sapphire, Round, Purplish...
# G3792V
Please call for pricing
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